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Eco Regulations 2017 – How will this affect the Truvox vacuum range? 23 Jun, 2017

There are new vacuum eco regulations for September 2017 (click here for more information), but which Truvox machines will be affected?

In summary the Valet vacuum range will be affected as follows:

1. VTVe replaces the Valet Tub Vac

The VTVe is available now, providing a powerful compact tub vacuum. Click here for more info.

compact tub vacuum
vtve 32mm tool set light weight tub vacuum
2. VBPIIe replaces the Valet BackPack II
VBPIIe back pack vacuum eco compliant Truvox’s backpack vacuum has a different motor and floor tool to make it compliant with the latest regulations. Click here to view the VBPIIe.

These are the only products to be affected, as the Wide Area Vac is out of scope and does not need to meet these requirements. Have any queries about this? Click here to contact us.

Want to know more about the eco regulations? Click here for more information.

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