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The best way to clean upholstery 7 Nov, 2017

Upholstery cleaning can often be neglected but is a critical cleaning area in facilities such as care homes, hotels, restaurants and offices. In most cases, vacuum cleaning alone doesn’t provide the cleaning results required, especially when undertaking tasks such as car valeting.

In all these facilities, a carpet extractor is a vital tool for providing exceptional results. Here’s how to undertake a full MOT for your upholstery.

1. Ensure the upholstery can be cleaned

Always check the fabric label to be sure the fabric is suitable for damp/wet cleaning.

2. Vacuuming

Before using a carpet extractor, you need to prepare the upholstery. Vacuuming removes any surface dirt or debris; use an accessory, such as a crevice tool, to remove the dirt.

vtve accessories vtve tub vacuum
The VTVe has optional accessories, ideal for detailed cleaning. For more information about this A energy rated tub vacuum, click here.
3. Preparing your carpet extractor

Ideal for upholstery cleaning, the Hydromist Lite (HML) provides a light weight and compact solution, offering cost-effective results across every facility.

The HML’s two stage action gives professional results every time:

  • Sprays cleaning solution into soiled upholstery
  • Extracts dirt and stains with its powerful 1100W vacuum motor

Making sure both tanks are clean before use, connect the flexible vacuum hose onto the vacuum hose inlet and the high pressure spray hose onto the solution outlet. (Fig. 1)

upholstery cleaning
Fig. 1

Connect the vacuum hose and the high pressure spray hose to the upholstery tool. The upholstery tool is included in the Hydromist Lite package.

Fill the solution tank with mixed water and approved cleaning chemical according to the chemical manufacturer’s instructions. The HML features easy to fill and empty removable tanks. If required, add defoamer solution as per manufacturer’s instructions.

4. Using your carpet extractor

hydromist lite upholstery cleaning

Connect the power cord to a socket outlet. The Hydromist Lite features independent controls for ease of use, simply switch on both spray and vacuum switches. Then, squeeze the trigger on the upholstery tool to spray solution onto the upholstery.

Make sure you don’t over wet the upholstery to prevent fabrics shrinking. After using the spray and vacuum on a single pass, go over the area 2 or 3 times using the vacuum only –ensure you’re not pulling the trigger switch on the upholstery tool. This will pick up any excess solution and aids drying, enabling faster drying times.

5. Drying

Once you have finished cleaning, leave the upholstery to dry naturally.

Click here for more information about the Hydromist Lite. To book a free demonstration, click the button below. Alternatively, call 02380 706600 or email

hydromist lite demo upholstery cleaning


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