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Do you clean your cleaning machine?

To maintain the longevity of your floorcare equipment and minimise machine down time, we recommend undertaking daily aftercare and basic maintenance for your machine. This can often be neglected, due to improper training or differences between cleaning teams. If you don’t regularly maintain or clean your equipment, you’ll find a decrease in the quality of the cleaning results and your...

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Quick and easy training for your cleaning teams

A common cause of broken and damaged floorcare machines is misuse or lack of basic aftercare, often discovered by a service engineer. Avoid the cost of hiring a service engineer and reduce the down time caused by a broken machine with new Truvox support videos. Specifically designed to educate your staff on the recommended usage and maintenance of your floor cleaning equipment, there are two vide...

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Cut the cord to exceptional cleaning

Battery powered machines are a major focus in both the facilities management and cleaning industries. Manufacturers are frequently developing and launching new battery equipment. But how can you benefit from cutting the cord and what should you be looking for in a battery machine? THE BENEFITS OF BATTERY FLOOR CLEANING MACHINES Battery power provides a cost-effective solution for daytime cleanin...

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Why you should always consider undertaking daytime cleaning

Traditionally, you would always clean out of hours to minimise disruption and inconvenience, however daytime cleaning is increasingly more commonplace.  Floor cleaning machines that offer daytime cleaning are in high demand and offering this feature plays a key factor in new product development. Why is daytime cleaning becoming so popular?  There are lots of benefits for your business, c...

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Eco Regulations 2017 – How will this affect the Truvox vacuum range?

There are new vacuum eco regulations for September 2017 (click here for more information), but which Truvox machines will be affected? In summary the Valet vacuum range will be affected as follows: 1. VTVe replaces the Valet Tub Vac The VTVe is available now, providing a powerful compact tub vacuum. Click here for more info. 2. VBPIIe replaces the Valet BackPack II...

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