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How to fix faded and discoloured carpets 9 Feb, 2018

How to fix faded and discoloured carpets

To protect the investment that you have made in your floor covering, it is recommended to have a thorough carpet care regime. But even if a cleaning regime has previously been neglected, and the carpet has become jaded and unsightly, it’s not too late. The pile can still often be rejuvenated. The transformation – restoring brightness, colour and texture – is truly impressive when the right process and equipment are used.

Daily maintenance

Typically 80% of carpet debris is dry soil, made up of silicates, sand, clay and dust. And it’s abrasive. Vacuuming is the best way of removing dry soil, but if it’s not effectively and regularly vacuumed, this not only spoils the carpet’s appearance, it will also accelerate fading and discolouration.

In most commercial facilities including; offices, restaurants and hotels, vacuuming should be a completed daily. However, vacuuming also plays an essential part in interim and deep cleaning routines.

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Interim maintenance cleaning

Often undertaken every week or fortnight, or in response to spills and stains – interim cleaning can be performed quickly with a specialist spray extractor. Truvox International’s carpet extractor range injects cleaning solution into the carpet and extracts dirt with a powerful vacuum for a fast and effective way to tackle dirt and stains in carpets and upholstery.

Deep cleaning

Even after effective vacuuming, there is still 20% of soiling that’s left behind. This is the sticky/oily debris embedded in the carpet, which is why deep cleaning is essential. Systems that use polymeric carpet cleaning solutions are particularly effective in removing this residue.

The solution, when worked thoroughly into the pile by a scrubbing machine, releases the sticky soil from carpet fibres and then ‘traps’ or ‘encapsulates’ the soil as it dries. Then vacuuming completes the process by removing the dried, encapsulated dirt from the carpet.

Polymer chemistry is the key component in the Cimex-Encap carpet cleaning system. It is the most reliable method for restoring cleanliness and brightness to even the most heavily soiled commercial carpets, and it also helps keep the carpet cleaner for longer.

Carpet cleaning with Cimex-Encap involves a simple four-step process.

  1. A thorough vacuuming removes all the dry dirt, clearing the way for the polymeric solution to attack that sticky/oily residue.
  2. After the pre-vacuum, the solution needs to be appropriately diluted before setting up the cleaning machine.
  3. We advocate using a triple-head Cimex Cyclone machine – equipped with pad drives and pads or shampoo brushes – to scrub the carpet. The solution is left to dry, and as this happens, it loosens the sticky soil and encapsulates it.
  4. In the final stage, routine vacuuming easily removes this material, leaving a revitalised carpet.
  • High productivity: typically 200m2 – 300m2 of carpet can be deep-cleaned per hour
  • Cost-effective: This high productivity help keep costs per square metre down. Sparing use of solution also eliminates wicking and the need to re-treat areas.
  • Low moisture: Carpets dry faster so areas can be walked on sooner and ‘daytime’ deep cleaning is feasible.
  • Captures all soils: The polymeric solution dries to form a brittle residue that is easily removed by routine vacuuming. This also eliminates the risk of re-soiling and wicking problems   
  • Cimex Encap
  • Scrubbing Hard Floors
  • Polishing Hard Floors
  • Stripping Hard Floors – e.g. varnish, vinyl

Click here for more information about the Cimex Cyclone multi-purpose machine.

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