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Using floorcare chemicals safely and effectively 22 Nov, 2017

Chemicals can aid floor cleaning, helping your machine fulfil its maximum productivity and consistently produce outstanding cleaning results. However, chemicals need to be used with caution to protect your floors, machine and operator.

  1. Application - Always make sure you are using the right machine, tools and chemical for the floorcare application. For example, ensure you’re not using a scrubbing chemical for a carpet cleaning machine. If you have any queries about choosing the right chemical, contact your chemical supplier for recommended products. When cleaning carpets, it’s recommended to check if the carpet can be cleaned with water, and is not dry clean only. This is particularly important with upholstery and rugs where the material may not be suitable for wet cleaning.
  2. Expiry - Before use, always check the chemical’s expiry date on the bottle to ensure its safe to use.
  3. Instructions - Read the manufacturer’s instructions, which should be located on the bottle, to ensure correct chemical use and highlight suitable protective measures for the operator.
  4. Dilution - When preparing the chemical, ensure the dilution rate is as per the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent damage to floors and the machine.
  5. Warm water - If cleaning carpets, you can use warm water to aid cleaning. However, do not use hot water as this can cause fading and carpets to shrink.
  6. Solution tank – Always empty the solution tank when cleaning is finished.
  7. Clean water – After emptying the solution tank, refill with clean water and run the machine again. This is to flush through the machine of any remaining chemical and prevent chemical build up, which can cause blocked pipes, pumps and filters. Undertaking this maintenance after every use prolongs the life of your machine and saves costs on repairs and service engineer visits. Watch an example of this in the video ‘How to use your Multiwash 340/Pump Battery scrubber dryer’, click here to view.

If you have any queries on choosing the correct chemical or using chemicals with your machine, always contact your chemical supplier for further information before use.

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