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Cut the cord to exceptional cleaning 21 Jul, 2017

Cut the cord to exceptional cleaning

Battery powered machines are a major focus in both the facilities management and cleaning industries. Manufacturers are frequently developing and launching new battery equipment. But how can you benefit from cutting the cord and what should you be looking for in a battery machine?


Battery power provides a cost-effective solution for daytime cleaning; offering increased productivity and exceptional cleaning results.  With no trailing cables, trips and slips are minimised resulting in increased user and customer safety and further lending these machines better to cleaning during working hours.

Flexibility is another key feature of battery power. With no supply cord, you have the ability to move between cleaning areas without unplugging and plugging into socket outlets. This further decreases disruption, particularly in office facilities where plug socket outlets are frequently in use.


Run times

Your first key focus should be run times, how long your machine will operate without needing to re-charge. It’s a point that is constantly in development and has dramatically improved over the years. The new Valet Battery Upright (VBU) has a long run time of 60+ minutes and is the first commercial battery vacuum on the UK market.

A quick change battery system further increases run times, a key feature of the Multiwash 340/Pump Battery. With a run time of up to 60 minutes, a quick-switch of the batteries doubles this run time for maximum productivity.

Battery Status Indicators

Most floor care machines include this, but some are more accurate and clearer than others.

Valet Battery Upright battery status indicator
Valet Battery Upright - Battery status indicator

If the indicator shows three green lights and a red light, the battery is fully charged. As the lights decrease, the less battery power you have – simply press the indicator switch to check your battery levels. Once there is only one red light left, the vacuum cleaner requires re-charging.

Simple Charging

Consider how convenient the machine is to charge, and the time it requires for a full charge – with the Valet Battery Upright you simply plug one end of the cable into the vacuum, and the other end of the charger into a convenient plug socket outlet, and the vacuum only requires 2.5 hours of charging.

Many floorcare machines feature a permanent integral charger in the machine, to make for simple charging. The Orbis Battery Scrubber features up to 80 minutes of run time and has an integral charger for simple charging of the battery.

Outstanding cleaning results

One thing to always ensure is that your battery machine doesn’t compromise on its cleaning quality for increased productivity. The Multiwash 340/Pump battery combines both, offering exceptional cleaning as it washes, scrubs and dries in a single pass, leaving floors ready to walk on in minutes. Not only this but you can clean virtually every floor type, and a comprehensive range of accessories further helps towards this. This scrubber dryer makes light work of ‘difficult’ floors including; non-slip safety floors, low pile carpets, escalators, travellators and entrance matting.

The Valet Battery Upright combines battery power with effective cleaning features, such as a self-adjusting nozzle that automatically adjusts between hard and soft floors, no manual adjustments are required. This upright vacuum cleaner is also designed with a squeegee for improved pick up on hard floors, and has an edge cleaning feature for improved cleaning near walls and furniture. The Valet Battery Upright lays flat on the floor for effective cleaning under beds and tables, ideal for cluttered areas.

Easy transportation

Some battery machines on the market can be bulky and heavy to manoeuvre, and it’s advisable to consider the transportability of the machine if you require this. Transportability can often be a key factor in product development, the Valet Battery Upright has been designed to be light weight, and weighs only 5kg with a convenient carry handle for easy manoeuvrability.

Other machines offer accessories to accommodate transport. The Multiwash 340/Pump Battery features an optional trolley for increased manoeuvrability between cleaning areas.

After sales service and recommendations

What support is available to show you how to prepare, use and look after your battery machine? Truvox provide how to videos detailing exactly this; view the Valet Battery Upright video here and the Multiwash 340/Pump Battery video here.

Lastly, it’s worth looking at any reviews and recommendations, including awards. Awards to look out for include exhibition awards, as the machines have been compared to a wide collection of manufacturers’ machines. Truvox is proud that the Valet Battery Upright received the Innovation Award in the carpet cleaning category at the Cleaning Show 2017. For more information about the show, click here.

award-winning Valet Battery Upright at the Cleaning Show 2017

Click here for more information about the Valet Battery Upright – AVAILABLE NOW.

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