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Do you clean your cleaning machine? 14 Aug, 2017

Do you clean your cleaning machine?

To maintain the longevity of your floorcare equipment and minimise machine down time, we recommend undertaking daily aftercare and basic maintenance for your machine. This can often be neglected, due to improper training or differences between cleaning teams.

If you don’t regularly maintain or clean your equipment, you’ll find a decrease in the quality of the cleaning results and your machine may even break down.

So how should you look after your cleaning machine?


1. Filters

You should be regularly checking that the recovery and solution tanks filters are clean, and rinsing out any dirt and debris to prevent blockages and damage.

2. Tanks

After every use you should be emptying both the recovery and solution tanks. After this, we recommend adding water to the solution tank and running the machine to flush through any dirt or debris and chemical build-up. Check frequently for build-up of dirt in the tanks to avoid blockages and damage.

3. Brushes

Check the brush for any dirt or debris, to avoid a build-up of waste which could result in your brush assembly not turning. Also look for any wear on the brushes and replace if necessary.

4. Nozzles

Spray nozzles are often neglected, but they should be part of your basic maintenance routine for your carpet extractor. Check the spray nozzles for blockages or damage, and clean if necessary with descaling product.

5. Supply cords

A quick and necessary check for your carpet extractor is that the supply cord and fuse in the plug is not damaged.

6. Vacuum shoe

Regularly check the vacuum shoe for dirt and debris to prevent build-up and blockages.

You can learn how to maintain and perform basic troubleshooting checks on your carpet extractors with our new support videos:

 recovery tank filter carpet extractor

replacing brushes on hydromist compact

spray nozzle carpet extractor

maintenance for carpet extractor


1. Filters

Regularly checking the filter is clean avoids the build-up of dirt and debris, ensuring you get first class cleaning results.

2. Tanks

Ensure your recovery and solution tanks are clear of dirt and debris. After every use you should be emptying both the recovery and solution tanks. We recommend refilling the scrubber dryer with clean water and continue to run the machine to flush through any remaining dirt and debris. With the Multiwash, check the recovery tank for damaged blades or broken lugs.

3. Brushes

Always check your brushes for any dirt or debris and assess the wear of the brushes. The Multiwash has a brush pressure level. You can increase the brush pressure to accommodate for the wear of the brushes, though you should be checking regularly to see if you require replacements. Always replace both brushes at the same time.

4. Nozzles

Spray nozzles can become blocked with dirt and debris, resulting in a reduced amount or no spray being delivered onto the floor. Check that the spray nozzles are clean, and clean with descaling product if necessary.

5. Supply cords

Supply cords and the fuse in the plugs should be regularly checked for any wear or damage.

Need more information on how to complete these maintenance checks on your scrubber dryer?

Watch our new support videos below:


maintenance for carpet extractor


1. Bags

After every use, check to see if the dust bag is full and requires replacing.

2. Filters

Check the cloth filter bag and motor inlet filter for any blockages or wear and tear and replace as needed.

3. Hoses

Check the vacuum hose for any dirt or debris regularly to avoid blockages and damage.

4. Floor tools

Regularly check the floor, crevice and dusting brush tools for any dirt or debris, to avoid blockages and damage.

5. Supply cords

Frequently check the supply cord and fuse in the plug for damage and replace if necessary.

For further assistance on how to complete these maintenance checks on your vacuums, please watch the support videos below:

 dirty vacuum filters

dirty vacuum filters valet tub vac



Your floorcare machine not featured on this blog? We will be covering Rotaries, Air Movers, Escalator Sweepers and Cimex machines in our next post.

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