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Taking carpet and upholstery care to a deeper level 14 Aug, 2014

Regular deep cleaning is an essential part of caring for your carpets and upholstery, helping to preserve their appearance and maintain their viability for years to come. Lesley Davis, Regional Area Manager  for Truvox International, offers advice on choosing the best machines for the job.

While regular vacuuming will keep your carpets looking good, deep cleaning is also recommended to restore brightness to even heavily soiled carpets. Upholstery will also benefit from the use of spray extraction machines, especially when it comes to stain removal. The type of business or organisation you run will determine how frequently you will need to do this, but whether you deep clean annually or quarterly, minimising the impact on your staff and customers is paramount. Cleaning machines that use low moisture levels will leave surfaces drier quicker, meaning any disruption will be kept to a minimum. Some systems can even leave carpets dry to the touch in under two hours.

Before a deep clean begins you need to ensure that all the dry particles have been removed from your carpet by vacuuming thoroughly. Any stubborn stains can also be pre-treated at this point with a spotting solution.
Spray extractors get results Truvox International’s Hydromist range of spray extractors offers a choice of machines for many different locations and needs. The most adaptable are the Hydromist Lite, a compact model with steel wand; and the Hydromist Compact, an all-in-one spray extraction machine – both of which are designed for carpets and upholstery. The Hydromist Lite comes with tools for cleaning carpets, upholstery and car interiors, while the Hydromist Compact is a walk-behind model with a 250mm cleaning width and accessories for upholstery and stair cleaning.
Thanks to its free-moving castors, the Hydromist 20 is designed for carpets only. Its 72psi pump allows cleaning solutions to penetrate deeply into carpet pile, releasing more dirt. It is also compact enough to enable cleaning in confined spaces or hard to reach areas. For buildings with larger areas of carpeting, such as hotels and offices, the Hydromist 35 is a self-contained carpet extractor that cleans and leaves carpets almost dry in a single pass. It has a 35 litre capacity and 45cm cleaning path, delivering cleaning solution at 100psi through two jets for even application. A floating brush head maintains continuous contact with the carpet for improved agitation.
Going even deeper to clean and brighten

Carpets that are heavily soiled, or have not been cleaned for many months, or even years, can still be brought back to life. Systems that use polymeric carpet cleaning solutions are particularly effective in these circumstances. The solution, which is applied by a three brush scrubbing machine, releases sticky soil from carpet fibres and then ‘traps’ or ‘encapsulates’ the soil as it dries. Once the carpet is dry, vacuuming completes the process by removing the dried, encapsulated dirt from the carpet.

Polymer chemistry is the key component in the Cimex-Encap carpet cleaning system. Not only can it restore cleanliness and brightness to even the most heavily soiled commercial carpet, it also means that the carpet will stay cleaner for longer.

The system takes a four-step approach. Firstly, a thorough vacuuming will ensure all the dry soil is removed, leaving the Cimex-Encap free to more effectively attack the sticky/oily soil left in the carpet. A special carpet cleaning solution is then applied via the Cimex Cyclone three-brush machine. The solution releases sticky soil from the carpet fibres and then traps or ‘encapsulates’ the soil as it dries. This low moisture system allows carpets to dry quickly – normally taking just 45 minutes to two hours to become touch-dry. However, for the best results, let the carpet dry overnight, before the final stage of vacuuming, which will remove the encapsulated dirt from the carpet.
With the right care, carpets can keep looking good for much longer, reflecting well on your company image and providing employees, customers and visitors alike with a warm welcome. Cleaning equipment manufacturers are constantly updating and improving their products so do your research well, because there really is an effective cleaning solution for every type of carpet out there.

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