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Versatile performer steals the floor show 30 Jun, 2015

Cleaning & Maintenance -

Highly versatile and productive, the scrubber dryer is the workhorse for cleaning teams in a wide variety of buildings, and with good reason. The ability to clean most types of floor quickly and effectively is a major attraction to any facility manager. As the buildings’ occupants or visitors are free to go about their business unhindered, cleaning staff can move on to the next task. The Multiwash range of scrubber dryers has reinforced Truvox International’s reputation as a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative floorcare equipment.

These multi-purpose machines deliver the highest standards of professional cleaning. While doing so, they boost the productivity of cleaning staff significantly compared with labour-intensive (and ineffective) hand-mopping, and less advanced scrubber dryers.

In one pass, the Multiwash washes, mops, scrubs and dries both hard and soft floor coverings. That includes ‘difficult’ floors such as non-slip safety flooring, low-pile carpets, escalators, travelators and entrance matting, as well as tiling, rubber studded flooring and laminates. Equipped with the right brushes, scrubber dryers can also clean concrete, terrazzo, marble, slate, stone and composite vinyl surfaces. Multiwash technology requires less water and solution thanks to its high brush pressure and speed. This makes it both cost-effective and kinder to the environment. Its spray pump in front applies cleaning solution to the floor. Then counter-rotating cylindrical brushes – exerting 4-6 times more pressure than a rotary machine – scrub the surface. Their action propels dirty water onto the Multiwash’s conveyor drum. The excellent pick-up of solution speeds up the drying process so floors are safe to walk on sooner.

Limiting the amount of liquid required and accelerating drying time delivers an enhanced service to clients. Floors are clean and safe to walk on within minutes. The Truvox International range perform in commercial and industrial applications from food services areas and care homes, through schools and leisure centres to warehouses and factories.

Given their ergonomic design, all models are easy to handle and exchanging brushes is simple. Removing and cleaning solution tanks is a straightforward task, as is adjusting brush height. So operating a Multiwash requires minimal training. The introduction of battery power takes the flexibility of the Multiwash further. With no trailing cables for staff or building users to trip over, the 340/Pump Battery goes quietly about its work, ideal for daytime cleaning when customers, patients or staff are present.

Meanwhile the 340/Pump Battery sustains the high productivity of the Multiwash stable. It can operate continuously for up to 50 minutes, covering large areas with its 34cm cleaning width. Its quick-change battery system means its range can be extended easily with a second battery.

An optional side brush kit allows cleaning right up to the edge – which is important on curved safety floors – to skirting board level.

Colour-coding helps ensure that brushes are dedicated to different applications, managing the risk of cross-contamination – for example, by transferring bacteria from washrooms and toilet areas to kitchens and dining areas.

Other battery-powered models include the Orbis Battery Scrubber, which has a run time of 80 minutes, and a large 17-litre solution tank, given its compact design. Compact, easy to manoeuvre and hard-working, the scrubber dryer can soon become an indispensable member of the cleaning team.   

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