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Why you should always consider undertaking daytime cleaning 7 Jul, 2017

Why you should always consider undertaking daytime cleaning

Traditionally, you would always clean out of hours to minimise disruption and inconvenience, however daytime cleaning is increasingly more commonplace.  Floor cleaning machines that offer daytime cleaning are in high demand and offering this feature plays a key factor in new product development. Why is daytime cleaning becoming so popular?  There are lots of benefits for your business, cost-reduction efforts and also your staff.

1. A more cost-effective business

Daytime cleaning offers many solutions for increasing cost-effectiveness and cutting your bottom line. Utility bills will be reduced, with lights not left on and rooms not needing to be heated outside of working hours. Not only will this reduce carbon emissions but will decrease your environmental footprint dramatically.

Another increasing trend is battery powered floorcare machines, and many of these machines are perfectly designed for daytime cleaning. Combining battery power with daytime cleaning provides a truly cost-effective option for cleaning hard floors and carpets whilst increasing safety.

With no cord, battery powered machines reduce trip hazards and offer a conducive solution for daytime cleaning when customers, patients or staff are present. Also with run times on the increase, battery power provides maximum productivity for day cleaning; for example the Orbis Battery Scrubber has a runtime of up to 80 minutes and has an integral charger for simple charging.

Other battery machines offer extended run times with the option to swop batteries. This is the case for the Multiwash 340/Pump Battery, with a run time of up to 60 minutes per battery and the ability to easily change the batteries.

2. Versatility and Improved Cleaning Results

Cleaning during working hours also results in more frequent coverage of cleaning areas. This is most noticeable in high traffic areas such as entrances, improving the daily appearance of your facilities.

Most floor cleaning machines that are designed for daytime cleaning also provide versatility. The Multiwash 340/Pump Battery can clean both hard floors and carpets, even making light work of ‘difficult floors’ including non-slip safety floors.

Versatility is key for consistently high and competitive performance from cleaning teams. This is both in terms of exceptional cleaning results and maximum productivity. The Multiwash 340/Pump Battery allows you to change the brushes of this scrubber dryer without using any tools, allowing quick and easy change of the brushes for different cleaning areas.

You can also colour code the Multiwash brushes to increase hygiene, and avoid contaminating between areas such as from the toilets to the kitchen. With this added flexibility, you can run a streamlined, hygienic operation for facilities where hygiene is of the upmost importance such as hospitals.

Regardless of in-house or contracted, daytime cleaning teams who are properly equipped provide exceptional and competitive performance.

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