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Reconditioned Machines

Interested in buying reconditioned floorcare machines at a reduced cost? Please see a breakdown below of the machines Truvox have available and the grade of the machines.

Machine Condition

  • Grade A - Used a limited number of times and in excellent condition
  • Grade B - Used but in good working order
  • Grade C - Heavily used but in good working order

*All machines come with 6 months warranty - Standard Delivery Charges Apply  - Machines sold on a first come first served basis whilst stock last. - All machines are fully Serviced / Cleaned and PAT Tested. Some machines can be converted to Euro as required.

This page is updated monthly and was last updated on the 19.11.18, so please note some of these items may have changed.

Reconditioned accessories are available with some of these machines, query during enquiry for availability.

Contact Keri on 02380 706600 or email if you're interested in any of these machines.








Orbis 200

The Orbis 200 rotary offers exceptional cleaning results and handling (38cm model). 1 C

Orbis eco

Orbis eco reconditioned machine

A cost effective range of single disc rotaries, that offer exceptional handling and productivity for cleaning and polishing hard floors. (Orbis eco 400)


6  B

Orbis MotorScrubber 20

Ideal for small cleaning areas, this battery-powered scrubber provides outstanding cleaning results. 1 C
Injection Extraction

Hydromist 10HD

Hydromist 20 HD reconditioned machine

Compact spray extractor for effective carpet cleaning, that is ideal for use in nursing homes, day centres, hotels, shops, offices and the hire trade. 1  B
Injection Extraction

Hydromist 55/100

HM55 reconditioned carpet extractor

The Hydromist 55/100 is the economical way to clean large carpeted areas that are subjected to normal, day to day foot traffic, spills and stains. 1 B

Valet Battery Upright

Powerful battery powered upright vacuum, with no manual adjustments required between hard and soft floors. 14 C
Scrubber Dryers

Multiwash 340/PUMP Battery

multiwash reconditioned machine

This manoeuvrable, battery operated scrubber dryer offers 50 minutes of continuous battery run time and exceptional cleaning results. 1 B


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