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Delivering an effective and efficient cleaning solution for the care sector

Cleaning in a care environment needs to balance achieving aesthetically pleasing results with ensuring health, hygiene and safety. We talk to Truvox International UK Sales Manager Simon Constantine, and Account Manager Mark Maslin to discover why one of the company’s products delivers consistently great results.

“The care sector is very important for us, and while we offer a wide range of solutions, the Multiwash™ PRO perfectly delivers its needs, for quick and efficient deep cleaning across a wide range of different flooring types,” says Simon Constantine.  

“We generally find that care home managers and FMs haven’t seen anything like the Multiwash™ PRO before, and their reaction is consistently positive when they realise that our machines can do so much,” says Mark Maslin. “They are impressed by the range of features and particularly that it is effective on so many different surfaces from carpets on bedroom floors, to hard surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. What is more, it is clear to see that they can achieve exemplary results throughout premises without changing brushes and that the machine’s ease of use saves time and money.”  

Visible cleaning creates reassurance for residents and visitors  

“Throughout and since the pandemic, cleaning routines have become more of a front of house activity, so the fact that the Multiwash™ PRO looks so professional is another benefit,” says Simon Constantine. “We know that visible cleaning reassures residents and visitors.  

“Some care facilities have dedicated cleaning operatives but many rely on almost all personnel taking their turn in ensuring facilities are safe and hygienic. The ease of use of Multiwash™ PRO is therefore another hugely important factor in its suitability for and success in the care home sector. Using our machines requires minimal training and most people tell us that it is easier and considerably less messy than using a more traditional mop and bucket.  

“Using a mop just spreads dirt around, while Multiwash™ PRO removes soil to the container which can then be easily emptied. Safety is always top of mind and majorly important in all premises, but particularly in the care sector. Using Multiwash™ PRO removes chemical residues and eradicates slip hazards.”  

Safety, and convincing product demonstrations  

“Talking of safety, whenever I do a demonstration I ask what chemicals have previously been used,” says Mark Maslin. “I don’t use chemicals in demonstrations, just water. There is always so much chemical residue in carpets, that the Multiwash™ PRO effectively uses and then removes whatever is still there. Residue chemicals are what makes floors sticky and we often see a white film residue when emptying the tank. We can guarantee complete confidence in ensuring a proper deep clean, and no more sticky floors.  

“There’s a perception that Multiwash™ PRO is only suitable for hard floors, but it is also produces excellent results on carpets. Bedrooms and living rooms in care homes often have carpet with quite a deep pile, and using our machine not only produces visibly better results, but it also puts life back into the carpet.  

“At a recent demonstration for a major care home chain, the manager wasn’t convinced and said he thought an extraction machine would do a better job. After he’d seen the Multiwash™ PRO in action, he said: ‘I eat my words. I want one of those in every single one of our homes’.”  

Reliability leads to sustainability  

“We are proud that the Multiwash™ PRO is so reliable, requiring little maintenance and delivering many years of consistent service,” says Simon Constantine. “That’s a clearly sustainable advantage, but so is the fact that we can help to reduce or even eradicate the use of harmful chemicals. Multiwash™ PRO is perfect for a care environment as it uses very little water and is renowned for effective cleaning using water alone.


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