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Truvox International is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of commercial and industrial floorcare machines, based in Southampton, England. From the production of its first electrical polishing machines in the early 1960’s, Truvox has successfully expanded both its product range and its geographic reach to a point where it is now recognised in over 70 countries worldwide. Truvox International has a wide range of well established brands including Orbis rotary burnishers, Hydromist carpet extractors, Valet vacuums, Multiwash scrubbers and Cimex three brush technology.

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What safety factors do you need to consider with a scrubber dryer?

The main risk associated with using a scrubber dryer relates to an operator losing control of the machine. Training and instruction in the safe use of any equipment is always to be recommended, but ergonomic design simplifies operation of the scrubber dryer even for the novice. Truvox International scrubber dryers are designed with all necessary controls conveniently sited to hand, making the oper...

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Essential floorcare equipment for autumn

Friday 1st September marks the official start of autumn. Windy, wet weather and falling leaves become more of an obstacle for cleaning teams, but are easily tackled with two floor cleaning machines. 1. Sweepers Put down that rake! A sweeper makes light work of leaves and other debris, with the TruSweep 460 providing a sweeping performance of up to 2600 m²/h. Its 40 litre capacity provides m...

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Educate your cleaning teams on your floorcare equipment with three resources

Understanding the operation of a machine is crucial, benefiting productivity, avoiding accidents and aiding to the longevity of the machine. 1. Representative Training Truvox offers face-to-face training for your cleaning teams that will show users how to setup, use and complete basic maintenance on your machine, with a training certificate issued upon completion. 2. Videos With Truvox floor c...

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How to choose an effective and practical carpet extractor

Carpet extractors offer a cost-effective way to clean carpets and provide solutions for routine tasks, such as taking care of spillages and deep cleaning. However, with a wide variety of carpet extractors available, which is the best for your facility? Here are the key points you should consider when purchasing a carpet extractor. Extractor type There are two main types of carpet extractors, wh...

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Effective floorcare for schools

For any education facility, high traffic and frequent spills can be a struggle for staff. However, there are machines that can help work around pupils and staffs’ busy schedules, offering a quick, cost-effective solution for floorcare in schools. Vacuuming An efficient vacuum cleaner is a must for any facility, with vacuuming necessary to pick up dirt and debris before cleaning hard floors...

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A cost-effective way to clean vinyl floors

Vinyl is often installed to be a low maintenance flooring option in many facilities, however does require cleaning and light maintenance. Here’s a cost-effective way to clean vinyl floors in your facility: 1. Vacuum Vacuuming is the essential first step as it ensures all loose debris and dirt is removed. Both the VTVe and Valet Battery Upright vacuums are excellent for undertaking this ta...

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We have found the Truvox equipment to be versatile, hard-wearing and effective. As the scrubber dryers and burnishers are cordless they allow us to clean areas with a minimum risk of tripping, and we are saved the inconvenience and expense of providing extensions and cable covers.

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