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Clean floors for leisure and pleasure 1 Jul, 2014

Paying guests, visitors and facility users rightly expect hotel and leisure flooring to be clean and pristine at all times. Natalie Dowse, Marketing and Product Manager for Truvox International Limited, explains why different surfaces and materials require different types of care.

Whether you run a country house hotel, a compact and bijoux guest house, beauty spa or leisure centre, making sure that your clients and guests are happy with every aspect of your service and surroundings is crucial – so cleanliness has to be a top priority.

Social media now allows people to share their displeasure at what they feel is substandard treatment with the world in an instant. Similarly, online review sites let members of the public rate facilities on many aspects – including hygiene and cleanliness – so a critical tweet or bad score can result in unwelcome publicity and a subsequent downturn in business. Dirty floors and inappropriate cleaning equipment or methods can also increase the risk of slips, trips and falls, in turn inviting negative press coverage and, in extreme circumstances, large insurance claims.

However, with the right equipment and cleaning regimes in place, hotels and leisure facilities can ensure that their flooring stays clean and safe for all of their clients.

Running a business in the hospitality sector has always had its specific challenges. With so many issues to consider – health and safety being just one of them – managers and owners can’t hope to be experts in every single field. That’s why partnering with a trusted and knowledgeable cleaning equipment supplier or contract cleaner with experience in these sectors, is a good idea.

Adaptable methods and machines

We know that flooring surfaces change from location to location within hotels and leisure facilities, from carpeting in corridors and bedrooms, to vinyl or tiles in swimming pool or treatment/changing areas, for example; so cleaning equipment has to be adaptable if it is going to be cost effective and deliver results. Health and safety implications for the cleaning regimes themselves should also be front of mind, as things like wet floors and trailing power leads pose a significant risk of injury to staff, clients or guests. This is particularly relevant to hotels and leisure/sport related venues, as members of the public are using the facilities at all times of the day and night, so interaction with cleaning staff is inevitable.

Giving your operatives equipment that reduces these risks is therefore advisable, and today’s cleaning machines offer not only better results, but also increased safety too. Some scrubber dryers have now evolved to leave floors clean and dry in one pass – guarding against slips – and cordless versions eliminate the need for trailing leads, addressing the trip issue. Many machines are now lighter, smaller and easier to manoeuvre, with the added ability to switch brushes and tackle a range of different surfaces. High pressure scrubber dryers are particularly effective on non-slip safety flooring, and also work well on tiles, which have grout lines.

In places where people are looking to relax and unwind, such as spas and hotels, noise is another important issue to consider. Clients and guests do not want to be disturbed by high-pitched machinery or other intrusive noises and activities, and many of today’s most modern and up-to-date cleaning machines will take this into account.

There’s no doubt that flooring in hotels and leisure facilities has to stand up to a lot of harsh treatment, so cleaning has to be thorough and regular in order to maintain the high standards that guests and clients expect. However, with such a wide range of cleaning equipment available, catering for every need and specialist surface, this is perfectly achievable, ensuring that your guests will always receive a warm welcome.

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