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What should I do if I have a problem with a machine?
Firstly refer to the fault finding guides and User Manual which can be found on the downloads section on the machine page to check that the machine is set up correctly, and any required maintenance has been carried out. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please call our Service Desk on 023 8070 6601, ensuring that you have details of the machine, model, serial number and date of purchase, and then the Service Desk will be able to carry out further checks. If we are unable to resolve the issue over the phone, we can arrange for an engineer to visit your site to check the machine. Please note that if the problem is not covered under warranty, there will be a charge for the engineer call out, labour and materials. Please ask the Service Desk for full details, so you are aware of any possible charges prior to requesting an engineer on site.
How quickly can you deliver?
We hold many items in stock, but some items are built to order, and some items have to be ordered in from our suppliers. Please check when placing your order and we will be happy to advice.
Do you charge for delivery?
Yes we do charge but this can vary depending on your account, and delivery address – please contact us to confirm: or 0230 8070 6600
How do I place an order?
Submit your official purchase order by email to
Where do I find the user manual / parts list?
Documentation can be downloaded from the machine page of our website
How do I get your price list?
Please contact the sales office on 023 8070 6600 / and we will put you in touch with your Regional Area Manager to discuss pricing. If you already have an active account with us, the Sales office may be able to confirm your pricing directly.
How do I know which spare parts to order?
Take a look at the parts list, which can be found on the machine page. If you need assistance, please call us on 023 8070 6601, ensuring that you know the make and model of your machine.
Can I get spare parts for my Truvox machine?
Yes, spares can be purchased from our Sales Office on +44 (0) 23 8070 6600. Or email Please refer to the parts lists on each machine page to identify which spares you need.
Does my machine come with accessories?
Yes, all vacuums come with tools and accessories to be operational. Please see our full brochure for details of exact accessories provided with each machine. Additional accessories can be purchased from Truvox.
Do I get a paper bag with my machine?
Yes, all machines that use bags are supplied with a paper bag – additional bags can be ordered from Truvox. Please contact the Sales Office for details, or refer to the Price List.
What kind of chemical should I use?
There are several chemicals you can use for cleaning carpets. We sell a pre-spotter for heavy staining and a gentle chemical for general usage. Whichever chemical you use, you should always dilute it as per the user manual, and should ensure that the machine is rinsed out afterwards to prevent blockages in hoses and filters due to build up of residue.
How many types of scrubber-dryers are there on the market?
On the market there are two main types of scrubber-dryers: the walk-behind, that is pushed by the operator, and the ride-on, where the operator rides on them and they are more suitable for medium-large surfaces. There are other differences regarding the scrubbing system, the supply system and the type of traction. In the following there's a list of the features you can find on both categories of machine: Walk behind working width from 35 cm up to approximately 100 cm; power supply with cable or 24/36 Volt battery; mechanical drive or with electrical traction; separated tanks, with membrane or with dividing filter (the latter are less common); scrubbing unit with disk brush/brushes (1 to 3) or pad/pads / sweeping-scrubbing unit with brush/brushes; Ride-on working width from 65 cm up to approximately 150 cm; power supply with 24/36 Volt battery, diesel or gasoline fuel; drive with electrical/electronic traction; separated tanks, with membrane or with recycling system (these last two are less common); scrubbing unit with disk brushes (2 or 3)/ sweeping-scrubbing unit with cylindrical brush/brushes (1 or 2) / sweeping unit with cylindrical brush/brushes (1 or 2) on the back of the scrubbing unit / pre-sweeping unit with cylindrical brush/brushes (1 or 2) on the front of the scrubbing unit (these last two are less common).
What is a scrubber-dryer and how does it work?
Scrubber dryers scrub hard floors with water and cleaning chemicals and then suck up the dirt and water into a solution tank as the operator walks along. A scrubber dryer has a front scrubbing unit and a rear drying unit and it cleans the floors by means of the mechanical abrasive action of one or more rotating brushes and the emulsifying action of a water-detergent solution. It is fitted with a tank for solution water with a varying detergent percentage according to the type of dirt or of product to be used. When moving forward the machine drips the solution onto the brushes which, thanks to their mechanical rotating action, scrub the surface thoroughly and remove all dirt. At the same time, at the back of the machine, a squeegee has the task of collecting the water-detergent solution together with the dirt and conveying them, by means of a suction system, into a proper tank, which is separated from the fresh water tank, and is called recovery tank. Water used for scrubbing is usually at room temperature or lukewarm. The machine cannot be filled with water which is too hot.
Does my scrubber dryer come with brushes?
All Multiwash machines come with standard brushes fitted. Additional brushes can be purchased: soft or hard brushes, escalator brushes, side brush – please see brochure or price list to check which brushes are available on the different sized machines. The Solaris machine comes with a hard brush fitted. A side brush kit is available as an optional extra. The Orbis Battery Scrubber does not come with a brush or drive disc. You need to order the relevant item, depending on your intended application.
What chemical should I use?
Truvox sells Cimex Encap Solution, which is specifically designed for carpet cleaning.
Does my Cimex machine come with a solution tank?
The Cyclone CR range comes with a solution tank, but the Heavy Duty R48HD does not, as it’s not required.
Does my Cimex machine come with pads?
No. Truvox sells Encap pads for carpet cleaning, which are specifically for the Cimex Cyclone range. You can use other pads, which you can purchase from your janitorial supply house.
Does my Cimex machine need a drive disc or brush?
Yes, all Cimex machines require a set of drives discs or brushes to be fully operational. Please see our price list for details. Brushes and drive discs come in sets of three and cannot be bought separately.
What machines use the three brush system?
All the main Cimex from Truvox range use the three brush system: the Cyclone scrubber polishers; the Heavy Duty Scarifiers; and the Diamond Finisher.
Why are triple brush machines better at cleaning uneven surfaces?
The triple brush system gives a vigorous action that cleans in all directions and due to floating heads they can move in line with the floor contours.
What is the triple brush principle?
Three small brushes are on a larger main disc. The main disc rotates in one direction, and the 3 brushes rotate in the opposite direction. Each time the machine is stopped and re-started, it reverses the direction of the rotation. This provides a better clean and ensures even wearing of the brushes, giving longer life.
Does my rotary machine come with a vacuum unit?
No, vacuum units can be bought separately. Please see our price list or brochure for details.
Does my rotary machine come with pads?
No, we do not sell pads as there are so many varieties. Your local janitorial supply house will sell any you need.
Does my rotary machine need a drive disc, pad or brush?
Yes, all rotary machines require a brush, or drive disc (and pad) to be fully operational. Please see our price list for details. The machine does not come with a drive disc or brush as there are many different types depending on your cleaning requirements.
Does my rotary machine come with a solution tank?
No, solution tanks can be bought separately. Please see our price list or brochure for details
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