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How to clean a carpet extractor 10 Jul, 2019

For optimal productivity and cleaning power, it is vital that your carpet extractor is cleaned after every use. Build-up of dirt and debris inside the machine can lead to blockages that can stop your machine from working.

Here’s a 5 step guide to keeping your carpet extractor clean:

1. Empty and flush through the solution tank

Not only emptying but also flushing through your solution tank is crucial to avoid build-up of lime scale. Once you have emptied your solution tank, refill the solution tank with water.

Turn on the pump, spraying the water through the system, this will pump out any remaining solution.

emptying carpet extractor

TOP TIP: Although flushing through the tank will help keep the spray jets clean, you should remove and rinse these regularly.

2. Run the vacuum motor

We always recommend running the vacuum motor for 2 minutes before emptying the recovery tank. This is to ensure all solution is pulled through from the solution tank to the recovery tank.

3. Empty the recovery tank

Make sure all switches are turned off and the machine is unplugged.

Empty the recovery tank by directing the drain hose into a bucket. Refill the recovery tank with water, and direct the hose into the bucket to remove any dirt or debris still in the recovery tank.

Hydromist Compact

Hydromist 35

4. Rinse the filters

This isn’t essential for every use but should be completed regularly to avoid build-up of dirt and debris. Rinse the filters under a tap and refit onto the machine.

5. Wipe down the machine

Ensuring all switches are turned off and the machine is unplugged; wipe down the machine with a damp cloth. This is particularly important for the underside of the machine and should be undertaken after every use.

If your carpet extractor has a brush, make sure to remove any debris and regularly clean this also.

TOP TIP: When storing the machine, always leave the recovery tank lid removed. This allows air to escape from the machine and avoid any unpleasant odours!

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