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What safety factors do you need to consider with a scrubber dryer? 26 Nov, 2018

The main risk associated with using a scrubber dryer relates to an operator losing control of the machine. Training and instruction in the safe use of any equipment is always to be recommended, but ergonomic design simplifies operation of the scrubber dryer even for the novice. Truvox International scrubber dryers are designed with all necessary controls conveniently sited to hand, making the operator’s job easy.

Truvox International provides machine training with a certificate issued upon completion, so operators are able to use the equipment safely.

Also, handling a responsive and well-balanced scrubber dryer that’s ergonomically designed minimises the risk of collisions with building users, as the operator can divide their attention between handling the machine and monitoring the area for obstacles and passers-by.

If, a scrubber dryer is not maintained or operated properly, may result in excessive moisture being deposited on the floor surface and a dangerous residue posing a slip hazard. Failure to notice a dirty squeegee, which can reduce the pick-up of water, is the most common cause when a floor is left wet after cleaning.  This is easily avoided by checking and cleaning the squeegee regularly.

For Truvox International’s Multiwash range of scrubber dryers, there are product support videos available. These detail how to assemble, prepare and use the machine, as well as how to perform maintenance and basic troubleshooting checks:

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