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Truvox 2017 Year In Review

We've had an amazing year at Truvox, and as we reflect on 2017 we thought to share some amazing, interesting and fun facts... We can't wait to see what 2018 brings, and wish all Truvox customers a Merry Christmas!  

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Using floorcare chemicals safely and effectively

Chemicals can aid floor cleaning, helping your machine fulfil its maximum productivity and consistently produce outstanding cleaning results. However, chemicals need to be used with caution to protect your floors, machine and operator. Application - Always make sure you are using the right machine, tools and chemical for the floorcare application. For example, ensure you’re not using a sc...

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The best way to clean upholstery

Upholstery cleaning can often be neglected but is a critical cleaning area in facilities such as care homes, hotels, restaurants and offices. In most cases, vacuum cleaning alone doesn’t provide the cleaning results required, especially when undertaking tasks such as car valeting. In all these facilities, a carpet extractor is a vital tool for providing exceptional results. Here’s how...

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Bewitchingly great vacuuming results

Ten times more effective than the old witch’s broomstick, the Valet Battery Upright (VBU) is ideal for daytime cleaning in any facility. But how does the Valet Battery Upright achieve its bewitchingly great cleaning results? 1. Wicked Battery Power Featuring a magically powerful lithium ion battery, the Valet Battery Upright provides an exceptional runtime of 60+ minutes. With no trailing...

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Cost-effective floor cleaning in care homes

Cleaning in care homes is often difficult, with patients’ needs often hindering opportunities to clean and spillages adding further cleaning to the mix. Care homes require versatile floorcare solutions that fully accommodate their requirements. There are three major trends featured in products throughout the floor care industry that are a great asset to care homes. 1. Battery power A major...

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