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Truvox International is a leading supplier of commercial and industrial floorcare machines, based in Southampton, England. From the production of its first electrical polishing machines in the early 1960’s, Truvox has successfully expanded both its product range and its geographic reach to a point where it is now recognised in over 70 countries worldwide. Truvox International has a wide range of well established brands including Orbis rotary burnishers, Hydromist carpet extractors, Valet vacuums, Multiwash scrubbers and Cimex three brush technology.

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The best way to clean upholstery

Upholstery cleaning can often be neglected but is a critical cleaning area in facilities such as care homes, hotels, restaurants and offices. In most cases, vacuum cleaning alone doesn’t provide the cleaning results required, especially when undertaking tasks such as car valeting. In all these facilities, a carpet extractor is a vital tool for providing exceptional results. Here’s how...

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Bewitchingly great vacuuming results

Ten times more effective than the old witch’s broomstick, the Valet Battery Upright (VBU) is ideal for daytime cleaning in any facility. But how does the Valet Battery Upright achieve its bewitchingly great cleaning results? 1. Wicked Battery Power Featuring a magically powerful lithium ion battery, the Valet Battery Upright provides an exceptional runtime of 60+ minutes. With no trailing...

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Cost-effective floor cleaning in care homes

Cleaning in care homes is often difficult, with patients’ needs often hindering opportunities to clean and spillages adding further cleaning to the mix. Care homes require versatile floorcare solutions that fully accommodate their requirements. There are three major trends featured in products throughout the floor care industry that are a great asset to care homes. 1. Battery power A major...

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3 ways to extend the longevity of your floor cleaning machine

Every floorcare product has its own lifetime, and regardless of whether you have a carpet extractor or an escalator cleaner, you can undertake certain tasks to ensure you reach your machine’s maximum longevity and protect it from damage. 1. Maintenance Poorly maintained floorcare equipment can lead to both performance and quality issues, and if left unresolved may cause the machine to brea...

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What is the difference between Cylindrical and Disc cleaning?

Both cylindrical and disc floor cleaning machines offer outstanding cleaning results, but what are the differences between the two methods? Does one method provide better cleaning results than the other? 1. What is disc cleaning? Rotary machines feature disc cleaning technology and are one of the most common machines used by cleaning teams worldwide. They are extremely popular for the wide varie...

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PART TWO Do you clean your cleaning machine?

Cleaning and maintaining your floorcare equipment is crucial to avoid down time with broken machines and ensure you receive outstanding cleaning results with every use. Featured in the first ‘Do you clean your cleaning machine? ‘article we covered carpet extractors, scrubber dryers and vacuums. Part two covers the rest of the Truvox ranges; Rotaries, Cimex, Escalators, Sweepers and Air...

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We have found the Truvox equipment to be versatile, hard-wearing and effective. As the scrubber dryers and burnishers are cordless they allow us to clean areas with a minimum risk of tripping, and we are saved the inconvenience and expense of providing extensions and cable covers.

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