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Truvox International is a leading supplier of commercial and industrial floorcare machines, based in Southampton, England. From the production of its first electrical polishing machines in the early 1960’s, Truvox has successfully expanded both its product range and its geographic reach to a point where it is now recognised in over 70 countries worldwide.Truvox International has a wide range of well established brands including Orbis rotary burnishers, Hydromist carpet extractors, Valet vacuums, Multiwash scrubbers and Cimex three brush technology.

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Rotary Machines - How They Fit Into Floorcare

Rotaries are exclusively used for cleaning and polishing hard floors. They are a versatile floorcare solution that offer outstanding cleaning results and crucially provide high productivity. With the Orbis range of rotaries, there are a lot of machines to choose from. This is due to each product being tailor made to accommodate different customers’ needs and offer a cost-effective solution f...

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2017 – A Fresh Start for Your Floorcare?

Is your New Year’s resolution to consider your floorcare routine? With the NEW Orbis eco, you can have a completely fresh floorcare solution, whilst improving productivity and much more!    What is the Orbis eco? This product is a cost-effective single disc rotary, with a variety of accessories to suit all cleaning needs. Saving both time and cost, it’s pre-assembled with...

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Piling on the care

The challenge with carpet care is not just keeping up appearances, but also safeguarding this flooring asset. Fortunately, efficient and cost-effective carpet care has never been easier, says Stephen Pinhorne, UK National Sales Manager at Truvox International   Most of us have a soft spot for carpet. Whether it’s the colour, cushioned impact under foot, or hush on ambient noise around...

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Time to review the routine

Even if it seems to run like clockwork, taking time out to review your routine cleaning can end up saving time and money, says Stephen Pinhorne, UK National Sales Manager of Truvox International, starting with the daily vacuum and polish.   In any well-used building, the daily vacuum and polish are the mainstay of routine cleaning. Done right, pristine carpets or gleaming floors will greet t...

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Unleashing the power of scrubbing

Scrubber dryers earn the role of cleaning workhorse by virtue of their versatility alone. But going cordless leads to a raft of further advantages, says Stephen Pinhorne, UK National Sales Manager of Truvox International. The day is approaching when just about every machine we use may be cordless, given the leaps and bounds being made in battery technology. There are practical gains to be made, n...

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Making efficiency routine

Vacuuming and sweeping may be the most routine of cleaning tasks, but their efficiency shouldn’t be taken for granted. Stephen Pinhorne, UK National Sales Manager at of Truvox International, advises how to ensure the work is done cost-effectively. Vacuuming and sweeping – the mainstay of the cleaning regime in many buildings – may happen like clockwork, but it’s worth taki...

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Our Customers Say

We have found the Truvox equipment to be versatile, hard-wearing and effective. As the scrubber dryers and burnishers are cordless they allow us to clean areas with a minimum risk of tripping, and we are saved the inconvenience and expense of providing extensions and cable covers.

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