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Cleaning and the bottom line

Contract Flooring Journal -  How do you safeguard your flooring investment while making best use of your cleaning budget? Stephen Pinhorne of Truvox International Ltd shares some tips on planning, productivity and the power of automation.   Having carefully invested in the most appropriate flooring, it pays to plan your cleaning regime with similar attention to detail. Efficient...

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Streamline cleaning of large carpeted areas

Tomorrow's Cleaning -  Cleaning large areas of carpet has just got easier with the launch of two improved spray extractors from Truvox International.   The Hydromist 55/400 is the professional’s choice for the most challenging carpet cleaning jobs. Its in-line heater combined with variable spray injection up to 400 psi ensures fast and efficient removal of embedded dirt and stain...

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Keeping in step with progress

Cleaning Matters -  The challenge of cleaning ‘flying carpets’, taking a wider view of efficiency and ergonomics – Stephen Pinhorne, UK National Sales Manager of Truvox International, walks us through some trends in sweeping and vacuuming.   Stop, think and marvel at the leaps and bounds we’ve all witnessed. Technological innovation seems to be racing ahead, if...

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Rolling back the years

Tomorrow's Cleaning - Our soft spot for the creature comfort of carpets and upholstery has endured through the centuries, even into the age of minimalist interiors with sharp lines and shining hard surfaces. The challenge is to maintain this appeal while prolonging the service life of these flooring and furnishing assets that welcome the visitor, soothe the eye with colour, and cushion our...

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Rising to the occasion with cleaning par excellence

Tomorrow's Cleaning - Every cleaning situation has its challenges, which tend to be largely predictable. Major sporting and entertainment events, however, have a way of throwing a curve ball at facilities managers and their cleaning teams. There’s the weather, for starters, not to mention the pressures of working around large crowds and under the media spotlight. Clean successfully a...

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Versatile performer steals the floor show

Cleaning & Maintenance - Highly versatile and productive, the scrubber dryer is the workhorse for cleaning teams in a wide variety of buildings, and with good reason. The ability to clean most types of floor quickly and effectively is a major attraction to any facility manager. As the buildings’ occupants or visitors are free to go about their business unhindered, cleaning staff c...

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The Multiwash gives us great results, at a good price, and with
excellent back-up service. The rotary brushes are particularly effective for tiled floors as they get deep into the grout lines. The Multiwash also helps us
clean hygienically in quick time – something that is essential in the very
busy labour ward birthing rooms!

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