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What is the difference between Cylindrical and Disc cleaning? 12 Sep, 2017

Both cylindrical and disc floor cleaning machines offer outstanding cleaning results, but what are the differences between the two methods? Does one method provide better cleaning results than the other?

1. What is disc cleaning?

Rotary machines feature disc cleaning technology and are one of the most common machines used by cleaning teams worldwide. They are extremely popular for the wide variety of cleaning tasks they can undertake. They are a cost-effective option for professional cleaning and facilities management, with product developments over the years making rotaries easy and simple to use. The Orbis eco is a prime example of this. Ideal for cleaning contractors, the rotary arrives preassembled with the handle and is inclusive of a drive board, so you can get to work straight away.

Disc cleaning in a rotary is when the drive disc is powered by an electric motor, and can be situated one of two ways:

  • Belt drive - the motor is off centre or at the front of the drive disc. The drive disc itself is driven by a drive belt.
  • Direct drive - the motor is above the drive disc and the power is transmitted by a gear box.
2. What is cylindrical cleaning?

Cylindrical brush technology provides effective cleaning of hard floors with a low-moisture, deep scrubbing, and leaves floors ready to walk on in minutes. A cylindrical scrubber dryer pumps cleaning solution onto the hard floor, scrubs the floor using counter-rotating brushes and then picks up the cleaning solution with a squeegee.

Most scrubber dryers that use cylindrical cleaning will also be very quiet in operation, making the machines ideal for daytime cleaning when in use around customers, patients and staff. The Multiwash range provides this, and you can also eliminate the hazard of power cords with the Multiwash 340/Pump Battery.

3. Cylindrical vs Disc cleaning – which method is more effective?

Disc cleaning allows rotaries to undertake a wide variety of cleaning tasks, such as:

  • Spray cleaning
  • Scrubbing
  • Bonnet mopping
  • Polishing

This versatility is one of the main reasons rotaries are so popular. However, cylindrical brushes are often much more effective at cleaning uneven surfaces. Scrubber dryers such as the Multiwash 340/Pump Battery make light work of uneven and ‘difficult’ floors, thanks to cylindrical brush technology. Floors that benefit the most from cylindrical brushes are:

  • Safety floors
  • Laminate
  • Concrete
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Stone
  • Vinyl tiles
  • Carpet
  • Entrance matting
  • Granite
  • Linoleum
  • Rubber studded

There are three key factors of cylindrical cleaning that make it a more effective method for deep scrubbing of these floors. Firstly, cylindrical scrubber dryers feature an increased brush speed. The Solaris scrubber dryer has a brush speed of 750rpm compared to the average rotary brush speed of 200rpm or 400rpm. Secondly, cylindrical brushes provide increased contact pressure with the floor, providing a deeper scrubbing action.

cylindrical vs disc cleaning

Lastly, pads used with disc cleaning rotaries pass over grout lines and crevices; whilst cylindrical brushes reach down to clean the dirt and debris, providing improved cleaning results of these areas.

Although cylindrical cleaning machines such as scrubber dryers may be more suitable for the uneven and ‘difficult’ floors mentioned above, both disc and cylindrical cleaning offer great cleaning results and cost-effective benefits.

Choosing between the two truly depends on your cleaning requirements. If you require versatility between cleaning tasks, then disc cleaning rotaries are the best option. However if you require a deep scrubbing between grout lines and ‘difficult’ floors, then cylindrical machines such as scrubber dryers are the best solution.

Schedule a demonstration today to see the amazing results of cylindrical cleaning.

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cylindrical cleaning disc cleaning solaris cylindrical cleaning

Multiwash 340/Pump Battery

  • 50 minutes of runtime
  • You can use an additional battery to double runtime
  • Excellent on 'difficult floors
  • Cylindrical cleaning

Orbis 200/200HD/400

  • Cost-effective rotaries
  • 1100W motor for exceptional productivity
  • Disc cleaning
  • Available in different sizes and speeds


  • Multi-directional scrubber dryer
  • 750rpm
  • Cleans up to 500 square metres per hour
  • Cylindrical cleaning

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